FTTH Active WDM Optical Receiver CMOR-AW

CMOR-AW FTTH optical receiver is a home AGC Optical Receiver with optical fiber access as its ultimate goal. It is suitable for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network optical fiber subscriber access terminals, enabling analog or digital signals to enter the home. It is a home-made equipment that is tailored to realize triple play.
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CMOA-AW Built-in WDM optical receiver, which used in FTTH triple-play network. with input 1550nm+1310nm/1490nm. output 1550nm applied for CATV RF transmission and 1310/1490nm is for G/EPON ONU.

 Product Features:

  Built-in CWDM to realize single-fiber home (1490/1310/1550nm) triple-network convergence application.

 Wide fiber input range from -18~+2dBm.(digital signal@-18dBm reception,analog signal@-10dBm reception.)

 With light input AGC function (AGC range can be customized). by default -10~0dBm.

 Thoughtful GaAs/NXP transistor designs optional to meet operators different demand. by default 75dBuV@ AGC(-10~0dBm).

  Anti-frequency surge protection device, GaAs amplification chip.

  Low-power design, high-efficiency switching power supply ensures high reliability and high stability of the power supply. The overall power consumption is less than 2W, with optical detection circuit.

  Built-in WDM to realize single-fiber home (1490/1310/1550nm) tri-network convergence application.

  FC/APC,SC/APC OR FC/PC,SC/PC, metric or imperial RF interface (customizable according to customer requirements).

  Multi-stage lightning protection devices (TVS transient suppression diodes) and lightning protection systems ensure the safe operation of the equipment.