FTTB AGC Optical Receiver CMOR-10HD

Chuangmo CMOR-10HD two-way output(additional power pass function) AGC optical receiver is a product specially designed for FTTB/FTTH HFC network, with attractive alluminum die-cast case, low power loss, high output level, and equipped with smartest digital display & control system. it is the first choice for building a cable TV FTTB/FTTH network.
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   Product features

http://www.catvworld.net/_images/club1.gif  Smart digital display & control system, ATT.EQ.output level 20dB adjustable

http://www.catvworld.net/_images/club1.gif  Additional power pass function for dual output port

http://www.catvworld.net/_images/club1.gif  Attractive aluminum shell with good heat dissipation ability

http://www.catvworld.net/_images/club1.gif  RF channel, full GaAs with low noise amplifier circuit, higher output power, higher gain, lower distortion

http://www.catvworld.net/_images/club1.gif  With AGC optical input, assure stable output level

http://www.catvworld.net/_images/club1.gif  Multi-level lightning protection device (TVS transient suppression diode), lightning protection

http://www.catvworld.net/_images/club1.gif  SC/APC or FC/APC or custom optical connectors.

http://www.catvworld.net/_images/club1.gif  Male or female RF interface, single or dual port RF mount optional.


http://www.catvworld.net/_images/san.gif  Main application

http://www.catvworld.net/_images/club1.gif FTTB HFC network