Satellite Mini Optical Receiver CMOR-3001

CMOR-3001 Series CATV,SAT-IF Microwave broadband optical receiver. 47~2600Mhz operate bandwidth, suitable for FTTH, FTTP and SMATV network. It is a low power consumption, high performance and cost-effective design.which can carry satellite and catv signal in 1 fiber, and convert the fiber signal to RF signal and distribute to end users.
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Chuangmo CMOR-3001 series CATV & SAT-IF optical receiver with high-performance and high-index. 7~2400MHz operate bandwidth. Output level Vo=86dBμV ( Pin=-2dBm ), suitable for FTTH, FTTP fiber access network. It is a low power consumption, high performance and excellent cost performance CATV & DBS network ONU(Optical network unit).


CMOR-3001 adopts high sensitivity receiving tube and special low noise matching circuit. Under 3.8% modulation, when transmitting in full channels and with receiving power of –8dBm, the CNR can still reach high index of 48dB and low inter modulation index.

 Product features

  Extra-low noise ( 3.8% modulate, -8dBm receive, CNR≥48dB )

  In high operating wavelength 47~2400MHz, adopting CATV & SAT-IF signal transmitting

  Analog TV, Digital TV, SAT-TV, all have excellent features:

  Analog TV: ( 59CH PAL-D, 3.8% modulation )


  Pin=0dBm,CTB ≤ -65dB, CSO ≤ -65dB

  Digital TV: ( The original signal MER=38.6dBm, BER<1.0E-9 )

  Pin=-14dBm, MER≥33dB ( MER deterioration5dB )

  Pin=-19dBm, BER<1.0E-9

  SAT-TV: ( The original signal =64% )

  Pin=-15dBm, signal quality>38%

  Large dynamic range of received optical power, high receiving sensitivity :

  Analog TV: +2dBm~ -10dBm

  Digital TV: +2dBm~ -19dBm

  SAT-TV: +2dBm~ -15dBm

  Extra-low inter modulation indicators

  High output level ( Pin=-2dBm, Vo=86dBμV )

  In range of 47~2400MHz, all have good flatness

  Aluminum die-cast shell with wall-mounting, supply safeguards and convenience to opt electrical sensing device

  Low power consumption, high cost performance


Q: What is the difference between CMOR-3001 and CMOR-3002?

A: CMOR-3001 with single RF output port. output level is 75dBuV @-7dBm input; while CMOR-3002 with dual RF output ports, output level is 67dBuV @-7dBm input.

Q: Do you accept payment via West Union?

A: We can accept payment via: West Union, Moneygram, Paypal,TT, Wechat,Alipa

Package details: 1piece/box. 20pcs/carton. N.W.: 0.35Kgs/piece(including power adaptor); G.W.: 8.00Kgs/carton(including power adaptor ); 0.027CBM/carton.