FTTH Passive WDM Optical Receiver CMOR-10H2E

CMOR-10H2E is a Passive WDM Optical Receiver specially designed for realizing the integration of Triple-play network, It can realize the function of analog or digital signal fiber transmission into households.This FTTH WDM optical receiver is designed without power supply and without power consumption, which fullfill energy saving as well as meets the demand of fiber to the home.
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CMOR-10H2E FTTH Passive WDM Optical Receiver, 

Input 1550nm+1310nm/1490nm. output 1550nm applied for CATV RF transmission and 1310/1490nm is for G/EPON ONU.

Reference Price: USD1.00~USD3.00

 Product Features:

  Maximum range of input optical power:+2dBm~-10dBm

 No need power supply,no power consumption

 Adopt WDM wavelength division multiplexing technology,realize single-fiber home access,It has the function of integrating telecommunication voice

 CATV and internet into one fiber to transfer

 Small & compact structure and convenient installation

 Light and durable PVC housing.